How to Overcome Frustration About Your Lack of Results

motivation and encouragement Oct 05, 2021

Are you frustrated that everyone seems to be winning except you?

Nowadays it seems like everyone is going from 0 to $100K a month in their business overnight - except you. Frustrating and discouraging - I know. And it doesn't seem as if some people are working as hard as you. Before you decide to throw in the towel, here are 6 things that will help you to develop a positive outlook so you can keep moving forward. 

1. Don't let the comparison start diminishing in your mind your value - the vale of your gifts and talents and the solutions that your products or services provide to your ideal audience. So don't feel shamed into feeling less than because right now you are not experiencing the financial success. You are experiencing success even in small areas - you are making progress with your goals. So today find 3 things that have happened for you in your business. The fact that you even started your business or nonprofit is an accomplishment in itself. Always remember there are other people who wish there were where you are right now. So celebrate the smallest of accomplishments. You are not where you want to be but you are certainly not where you used to be.

2. The real truth about people's situation is not always shared. Remember this famous Abe Lincoln Quote " The problem with information that you read on the Internet is that it is not always true". So just know sometimes people don't have the expertise they say they have or making the crazy amount of money they say they are. That being said, there are people who are sharing the truth about their success. Use their success to motivate, inspire and give you the hope that one day God is going to open the floodgates for you too!

3. Keep putting the work in. Consistency and perseverance wins the game. I know you get discouraged. I know you are wondering if you should quit right now and if all that you're doing is worth it or will pay off. You've invested a lot. I know because I've invested a lot - time and money into building the business and nonprofit God called me to. Here's what I can tell you from experience - it is worth it. Your appointed time is coming. A big thing about the success that you see others having is that most times the struggle to get where they are and how long it's taken them is not often shared. And so you don't have the full information about the situation so then it seems overnight and because that hasn't happened for you yet you feel like what you're doing is going nowhere.

4. Keep learning and growing. Right now you're in the waiting. You know something big is going to happen for you and the impact you're going to make in the world is great. So keep your eye on the bigger vision and not just the goals. You're getting ready to play in the Superbowl and you know you're going to win. So get ready. Take the time and make the investment to keep sharpening your skills, learn new ones, level up your expertise and value and get yourself a great mentor and guide who's already where you're trying to go.

5. Insulate and Incubate - sometimes you just have to shut out the noise so unplug from social media and all the things going on, put blinders on and rest in God. Seek his will and ways which are so much more higher than ours. A lot of times when I struggle with getting something done or seeing the results from something I'm doing, I shut everything down and find quiet space and time to just breathe and rest in God. Next thing you know he shows me a simpler, smarter and more innovative way to do something. He shows me the shift or pivot to make so I can accomplish my goals.

6. Be as if it already were. Because it's already happened. Spiritually your breakthrough is already released from heaven - you just haven't seen it yet in the natural. So you've already won - it's only a matter of time before it shows up in the natural. And if things are looking dark for you right now that means you are close - it's always darkest before dawn. So what would it look like if you showed up everyday knowing you've already won. People can feel the difference - the energy you give off. Your mind and spirit arrives at the destination before your body and feelings do. As an athlete when I was growing up in Jamaica we would hype ourselves up - before I ran the race or played in that netball competition. You see it all the time - athletes hyping themselves up in the locker room before they hit the field to play the game and win. So this is you right now. Put on some praise and worship, fast and pray, call someone and have a good laugh with them, take a break and go out and do simple fun activities. And biggest of all get in community with people who understand your vision and your struggle and will help you believe that it is possible. I know I believe that for you.

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