Go from Chaos to Clarity About What to Launch

start your business Oct 05, 2021

Are you overwhelmed by your potential - you've got all these incredible ideas and multiple talents that you know you need to put to work but you're not sure where to start?

In fact your brain sometimes feel like a jumbled mess every time you try to figure it out and create a roadmap to get things done. I get it because I've been there. So right now I want share some tips that help me go from chaos and confusion to clarity that will also help you move forward and start achieving your goals.

Most people are blessed with one great idea or one amazing talent so they have a clearer sense of what to do when. Others are blessed with multiple talents and several awesome ideas which can get a bit tricky because they all seem so great - where do you even start and which one will be successful. Can they all be successful? A sure way to fail is to focus on doing them all at the same time. So what do you do?

Here are 5 key things that will help you navigate the confusing path to clarity in this chaos. Getting a mentor to walk this out with you will help you to get there even quicker.

#1: Take Inventory: Make a list of the talents or great ideas that you have that's been heavy on your heart whether that's 3, 5 or 10. Because yes, just like in Matthew 25 with the parable of the talents - some people are given 1 talent and some up to 10!

#2: Write the Vision: Next, write out as many details about what you plans are to use this talent or your big idea.

#3: Determine the season you're in: What are people naturally coming to you about right now. Yes they may seek you out at one point or another for these talents but right now they are coming to you mainly for one or even 2 things. Rank them in the order that people needs the solutions the most.

#4: Determine which idea is the easiest for you to get started on that would fulfill a need that people have right now. Set a date to get it done, establish the action steps and put them on your calendar.

#5. Prioritize the remaining ideas. Which comes 2nd and 3rd for you to launch. Sometimes the clarity for this comes when you start with the first one. Then you will see the natural progression of what comes next.

These talents and great ideas are a gift from God and he intends for you to use them all - just all at one time. Matthew 25 also confirms that when we use the gifts and talents he has given us he is faithful to multiply them. So get ready friend! If you want an abundant life - for God to multiply your gifts, start using the ones he already gave you.

If you need further help with gaining clarity on how to move forward and launch your God idea, then use the link below to schedule a free ignite your purpose session with me.