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You've Found Your Purpose, Now What?
5 Keys to Set Your Purpose on Fire and Create a Life of Joy, Passion & Fulfillment

by Jacquel Tucker

This eBook is one of Jacquel Tucker's most popular publications available as a free download.

  • Practical Steps that will get You Unstuck and Get You Moving
  • Easy to Implement Actions Steps Void of Overwhelm
  • The Right Mindset through Encouragement Inspiration & Motivation
  • Proof that God Rewards our Faithfulness
  • Scriptures that Reaffirm our Heavenly Fathers Will and Promises for Us

What People Are Saying:

Missy Bentz
Misty Pond Resort - Flowery Branch, GA

"Jacquel is amazing! I can't say enough about just how much she has helped me in so many ways to get my business started, and started with excellence and momentum! She has encouraged me and supported me, she has helped me to feel more confident, and she has answered so many questions I had! She also helped me build my website and promotional materials. She has created social media posts for me, as well as other promotional materials. She has even provided real bookings through referrals. She is a cheerleader, mentor, resource with a wealth of information, encourager, networker, and has physically assisted me in so many ways. She truly has made herself available to me, because she has a heart for me and for what I am doing. I feel like she is an angel sent by God to help and bless me. And now my business is thriving! I am certain that I would not be this far along in my success without her!"

Dominique Jones
Inpatient Coding Made Easy - Norcross, GA

"Prior to working with Jacquel I knew very little about branding and using social media as a platform for business. I needed help with developing my coding course and creating social media content. Jacquel helped to make the idea and vision I had come to life with a practical process and structure. The tools and concepts I learned from her are unmatched and so valuable for today’s market. I accomplished being able to create several businesses and brands from The Purpose on Fire Course. I’ve learned new methods of coaching and social media strategies from this course. Jacquel put her all into her clients and every aspect of her work is done with class and God’s grace. I’m so thankful God had us come together! It has been a blessing to have gained a mentor, friend, and a spiritual guide through Mrs. Jacquel Tucker."

Johnette & Marvin Davis
Safe Haven Building Strong Foundations - Auburn, GA

"Prior to working with Jacquel, we knew that God gave us a vision back in 2017 for marriages and families which was birthed from our own personal testimony. We just didn't know how to move forward! When we met Jacquel, she not only listened to our hearts, but she was able to allow God to use her to bring out exactly what we we were imagining! She pushed us to think bigger and she challenged us to go deeper. Without her inspiration, prayers, words of encouragement and sound advice we would not be where we are today! We were truly stuck, knowing we had a vision but thinking it would never come to past! She even prayed with us through this journey to ensure we were aligning with what God said and not just what we could see with our own eyes! While the process was challenging and definitely pushed us to do more and dream more, we must say that this journey has truly allowed us to set our Purpose on Fire! We were able to name our business, make our business official, create a logo and website and officially be in the best position we can be to officially launch our business successfully! This experience was truly a blessing and we would recommend her Purpose on Fire coaching to anyone who is serious about setting their Purpose on Fire!"

Althea Fatuga
Genesis Education Development - Stonecrest, GA

"For years prior to Jacquel's involvement, I had a nebulous vision of what I wanted my organization to be.  I knew who I wanted to serve and in the capacity in which I wanted to be of service. I saw the big picture and the finished product.  However, what was lacking was the ignition to commence the process.  Recognizing that I needed guidance was a major step in getting this journey started.  I needed to ensure the foundation was solid and my vision was clear and attainable. While I had the big picture, the steps to get to the big picture needed work. Working with Jacquel was pure joy. Jacquel brought her A-game to every session. She is creative, joyful, insightful and so encouraging. I ended each session with great hope and excitement. I was intrigued to see how this process unfolded. As busy as Jacquel is, I got her undivided attention during each session. I started my session with a big idea, by the end of the sessions I had my domain name, and email address, my logo/colors were selected, the organization was registered, the bank account was in place, consulted with a CPA, formed relationships with critical partners, started the business plan and started the 501 (c) (3) process. With renewed energy and a specific plan of action, I am enthuse about the next steps in growing my organization to make global impact. I came to the table with ingredients/starting blocks.   By the end of the sessions, I had tangible accomplishments and specific action items/timelines to achieve them. Jacquel is a humble superstar who brought her A-game to every session.  Thank you, Jacquel, "I have set My Purpose on Fire!!"